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Queen of Spices

Cardamom (Elettaria cardamom M) being one among the expensive spices, and prized for its aroma which attracts you is known as the Queen of Spices. Cardamom was a favorite spice of the Mugal emperors. It has a great scent which is a cross between eucalyptus and mint, a quality that distinguishes cardamom. It combines very well with all other spices.

It is a very good flavoring agent and is a spice with various health benefits. It is believed to be an important ingredient in Ayurveda and traditional Chinese medicine. The essential oils in cardamom act as a digestive aid and breath freshener. It is also used in treatments of sore throats, respiratory troubles, and inflamed eyelids, etc.

Few astonishing benefits of this wonderful spice are:

  • An anti-depressant

  • Helps against urinary disorder

  • Anticarcinogenic agent

  • Helps in controlling High Blood pressure

  • Controls Cholesterol

  • Fights against dental diseases

  • Excellent for cardiovascular health

  • Buying and storing Cardamom:

The best possible way of buying cardamom is to buy the whole pod and then grind them as needed. While buying look for pods that have an oval shape and a paper-like shell. Pods that are in lime green color and have not been opened are the ones to go for. Always avoid the white ones.

Always remember that cardamom has essential oils in it, the volatile compounds are drastically reduced once they have been exposed to air. So make sure you store your cardamom in airtight containers and place them away from direct sunlight.

Are you hoping to get your hands on some great quality cardamom? Worry less; you have come to the right place. Talk to us and we can have The Queen of Spices delivered to you.

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